Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Assignment 1.A.

This was the first time I'd used Mind Mapping in years, we'd used spider diagrams and brainstorming in High School for most essays but this felt more useful. After 1.A. the other two were easier to complete, and I found myself going over the allocated time for each because I had so much to say and couldn't fit it all in! I tried to complete the mind maps after one reading of the book and it was impossible. After my second reading I felt for the first two mind maps I didn't have to look through the book to find most of my examples.

Assignment 1.B.

The case of Kitty Genovese was particularly interesting to me, I found the idea that "responsibility for acting is difused" when something bad happens with a larger number of witnesses. It was a disturbing reality of the ways of urban life in larger cities.

Assignment 1.C.


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