Saturday, 5 December 2009

Assignment 4 - Part four

Reflection of Semester One Assignments

I found the assignments from this semester quite beneficial in aiding my essay writing. The thorough research we were asked to carry out proved effective in widening my thinking, and improving my brainstorming skills. As each assignment became more and more difficult, I found I began really pushing myself to succeed, and this in turn, forced me to produce work to the best of my ability. At the beginning it was hard for me to see the relevance of the assignments to Jewellery and Metalwork Design, but a phrase from our first lecture that stuck in my mind, "How can we design for a world that we know nothing about", helped me to see that the work was worthwhile. I think the most beneficial and enjoyable exercise was the Brainstorming exercise in assignment 3. I liked working in a group, as I got a chance to work with different people, and also because it was really interesting discovering the way other people think. This process helped me a great deal in assignment 4, which I felt I stressed about much less than I normally would have due to good preparation.

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